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Ginseng A man's whole life

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Ginseng is shaped like a person, Ginseng growth process is also similar to life, amazing. Ginseng is sweet and bitter, half bitter and half sweet Ginseng is also like the taste of life, no one's life is only bitter, but not a little sweet. Similarly, there is no one in life only sweet, and did not taste a little bitter taste. Bitter and sweet is the taste of Ginseng, but also life experience. So also grass is also people, also bitter also sweet, grass peer, how similar, this is the essence of Ginseng body. So, let us see how Ginseng is growing, and what it has in common with life! A) public appearance, life is also difficult, people head, Ginseng stretch neck. When people come out, out to what extent, and I, the conditions of the small part of society to adapt, if not adapt, people early will suffer setbacks. And so it is, how long the neck is, how it fits into the environment, it depends on the time and the place. Although the length of the GINSENG's neck varies, it is adapted to its surroundings. If the environment is suitable, Ginseng can grow to more than two inches, some even up to feet. When the autumn leaves cover the Ginseng, and each year the rotten leaves form a new layer of soil, then, the Ginseng neck is long, if there is less protection, it will try to "shrink" back, "squat" back, and left shoulder wrinkles. At one point, year after year, the majority of neck elders were older. Here, of course, is the wild Ginseng of the long neck. It is natural for Ginseng to grow upwards, and some have short necks because there is little covering on them. When winter and spring freeze injury comes, Ginseng grows too fast, and little to protect its soil, leaves, cheap freeze injury. Life is the same, because everyone's conditions are different, it determines that everyone's development space is also different, some people want to go beyond the conditions ahead of time to reach out, it may be like Ginseng suffered from the same cold injury. If not in the first year, then probably in the next. The science of adaptation is profound. Ginseng in the growth process, learned "squat" , that is, "dormancy" , which, like the strategy used by people, sometimes need to step back, take a break, the winner, this sense of self-protection is a kind of instinct. The GINSENG bowl is one of the signs of Ginseng Age. But people found that hundreds of years of Ginseng can not be its bowl is not equal, hundreds of years of Ginseng bowl seems to be so much, this is why? Because Ginseng's neck is limited, especially the mountain Ginseng, its neck is caused by the environment if the ground is not constantly added leaves and humus soil, Ginseng's neck will not grow up to prevent frostbite. Dense layer of the reed bowl is stacked, no one can see how much, and sometimes the neck also has the function of Displacement, growth, this is dormant function. Therefore, to see the reed head can not determine the exact age of Ginseng. In the layer upon layer of the story of how many who do not know, some Ginseng squat a few times a squat may be dormant for two to three years, just like people do not look like the same. People with the same intelligence will have different results in life depending on their experiences, and Ginseng seeds will grow differently depending on where they are scattered. Some people mediocre, and even failed to the extreme; some brilliant life, and even to reach the peak of the brilliant life; some Ginseng half-way withered; some can not grow strong Ginseng, old Ginseng, and some has grown into King Ginseng, through hundreds of years immortal. All of this, because of the environment and the ability to adapt to different. Two shoulder rings, facial wrinkles, see age to see the shoulder lines, tight skin fine lines for the top grade, such as Ginseng Age. Look at people is to see wrinkles, especially on the corner of the eye crow's feet and wrinkles, which is the performance of human experience. There are many literary works, in the description of the elderly Ginseng fairy, are long beard, white hair, wrinkles, like the shape of an old man. There are grains in the Ginseng and rings in the tree. The difference is that the tree rings can clearly reflect the age of the tree, but can not be observed lines, because the observed age of the Ginseng lines is too limited. Some people say that the shoulder lines of Ginseng is the weight of the shoulder and left the mark, and people? People shoulder the weight is not only their own personal, as well as family, social responsibility, but also need to shoulder. The finer the lines, the longer the age, the more lines, the longer the age, which is basically equivalent. Wild Ginseng lines constantly, as long as a little artificial intervention will run lines, it does not lie, as people speak the same integrity, as the song said: Centenarian White Ginseng, tight skin fine wrinkles even. Hidden in the mountains, happy quiet, together with their children and grandchildren rarely go out. Three setbacks is a blessing, the scar is worth money, life many tribulations, Ginseng many scars. Ginseng has a strong regeneration function, not only can be destroyed two or three years of regeneration, even the body can be replanted disabled, another main body, transfer life. Even the Beautiful Reed Bowl, the beautiful pearl knot in one's heart, that also is in the growth process wound self-repair leaves the mark. Beautiful though it is, the bowl is a scar from the growth of the Ginseng plant. As each year passes, the withered stems fall off, leaving a scar on the head, the last mark on the surface of the ground as it grows each year. Well, life, the more scars, life experience will be more rich, this and Ginseng, are a record of vicissitudes, a symbol of wealth. Some people are Hung, some people are brilliant, some people are targeted. And know advance and retreat, understand dormant talent achievement, is master. Like Ginseng, it thrives when there is a protective layer of fallen leaves in a large forest; it does not thrive when there is barrenness. Some of the main body, bent to save themselves. The choice of time and place is especially important. There are only a few months of growth each year. How much can you grow in a limited time? How does it grow? It's all about intelligence. It's all about adaptability. How do Pearl pimples form? The answer is a product of self-repair. When people enter the growth period, when the water and nutrients are sufficient, the roots of Ginseng will temporarily grow some fibrous roots, used to absorb water and various nutrients, so that its rapid growth. When this task is completed, these small temporary roots will automatically wither, like the above-ground parts, a year to lean, a year to strip, leaving the reed bowl. Ginseng roots grow out of these little fibrous root rot a year, once a growth, long, this root will leave a tumor, this is Pearl Knot in one's heart, a beautiful memory. The more pimples there are, the more fibrous roots there are, the faster the growth and the longer the age. In fact, this is Ginseng Suction Cup underground, the more Suction Cup for growth of temporary, nutrient channel more, channel more, Ginseng stronger, more adaptable to dangerous environment. The same is true of life, the more human experience, the more complex, the richer the knowledge, the more human experience, the more intelligent. That's where the word informed comes from. Therefore, the tribulation of life is wealth and wisdom. Life and Ginseng, through the wind and rain, through the vicissitudes of life, know four seasons cold and warm, know the World Wind and frost may be the winner of life, King of people, adapt to the survival of the strong. JUST SO-CALLED: Ginseng Life Road, grass is also interlinked. Don't blame heaven and earth. Therefore, Xiaobian hope that through this article to let friends in the Food Ginseng, Ginseng can think about why it can support the body. Ginseng along the way, it can give us a lot of life for reference, it is worth thinking. Again, Ginseng road of life, frustration is wealth. See how lovely locks in bright mirrors in high chambers, Though silken-black at morning, have changed by night to snow. You do not see the love of gold treasure not near to participate, Die Die Die Regret. Only know how to use Ginseng body, is the true meaning of life. Hengyuantang pharmaceutical reminds you: Love Health, but also to understand health, we will always for your health escort!

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