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Deer Blood Crystal

Name Deer Blood Crystal Brand 恒源堂(hengyuantang)
Spec 1gx6 bottle / medium box Place of origin Liaoning, China
Ingredients SIKA or red deer blood Shapes, colors, flavors This product is purplish red or black purple powder and thin slice, different in size, with cutin-like Luster, firm and crisp quality. Slightly fishy, sweet and slightly salty.
Functionality Blood Tonic Kidney Yang, blood stasis, erectile dysfunction, postoperative rehabilitation, such as cancer. (see instruction manual for details) Method of use Wine, swallowing or brewing; or into the Pill, powder; or for the paste side of the cream. Daily Dose 3-6 G. 1-3 times per day, 1-2 g per time.
Production license number 辽20150128 Implementation Standard Standard for preparation of prepared slices of traditional Chinese Medicine of Liaoning Province (Trial Implementation)
Period of validity 36 months Production Enterprise Liaoning Hengyuantang Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd.
Pay Attention Caution for those with deficiency of Yin and high fire Packing Medicinal glass bottle, medicinal butyl rubber stopper.
Store up Seal and place in a cool dry place. Adverse reaction It's unclear


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