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Common Sense of health care for patients with hypertension

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Hypertension patient's health care, mainly is the following several points: Front, wears "three loose" . LOOSE WAISTBAND: Because high blood pressure itself causes arteriosclerosis and narrowing of the blood vessels, a tight waistband will undoubtedly increase the resistance of blood flow from the waist down, forcing the heart to improve its function in order to maintain blood circulation in the lower body, thus urges the blood pressure to raise again, has induces the brain blood vessel to burst to form the stroke risk. Shoes and socks loose: shoes and socks too, too small too tight block foot blood flow, also have the risk of raising blood pressure. Loose collar: a person's neck affects the blood pressure change of the pressure sensing organs and chemoreceptor organs, collar is too small or tie too tight, may pressure sensing organs, promote high blood pressure, second, eating "three little. ". LOW BLOOD PRESSURE: cutting back on food intake is more effective at lowering blood pressure than cutting back on salt. Less fat: eat less fat, especially animal fat. LESS SALT: The World Health Organization recommends no more than 5 grams of salt per person per day, to avoid soy sauce, pickles, pickled mustard tuber and other high-salt food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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