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How to drink deer blood crystal

Issuing time:2020-04-16 16:31Author:一润百年Source:辽宁恒源堂药业


Deer Blood Crystal with blood filling essence, benefit kidney Yang, dispel congestion hemostasis, Yangyan, calm the mind, detoxification. Used for deficiency of essence and blood, impotence, loss of essence, back pain; injury, lung collapse, vomiting blood, epistaxis, Metrorrhagia; blood deficiency, Heart Palpitations, insomnia, postoperative rehabilitation; tumor, detoxification, poison. But there are many people still do not know how to drink, and the original taste of deer blood crystal many people difficult to accept, I will talk about deer blood crystal commonly used three ways to take. Rice wine delivery service: rice wine is rice, millet as raw materials brewing, Chinese medicine often used in the prescription of rice wine. If you drink and are not allergic to alcohol. So the choice of yellow rice wine to dilute the dissolved deer blood crystal after swallowing is quite good. Because yellow rice wine itself has a very good medicinal value and has the function of relaxing tendons and promoting blood circulation, so the use of yellow rice wine swallowing such as deer blood crystal powder or granular Chinese medicine is quite a good choice. Second, honey to serve: honey and rice wine, are often used in traditional Chinese medicine prescription, and most people like the sweet taste of honey, but also medicinal effect, is a very good choice. However, it is recommended to go to the formal channels to buy honey, so as to achieve better expected results. Capsule Delivery Service, for those who can not drink alcohol, and can not drink honey then choose capsules to take it. Now each big pharmacy has sold that kind of empty capsule Shell, after buying back will be filled with deer blood crystal capsule shell with warm water delivery service. But we should pay special attention to the dosage of deer blood crystals in the capsule Shell, should not be too much each time, because after swallowing deer blood crystals need to completely melt in the body to extend the melting time, can not achieve better results. Should be taken according to the doctor's instructions, and should not be used arbitrarily. This is what I recommend on the three methods of taking deer blood crystal, in fact, there are many methods of taking deer blood crystal, not one by one, there will always be a method for you. But no matter what method is used, must take according to the doctor's instruction, must not act foolishly.

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