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Diabetes patients are getting younger, doctors call for better diet

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With the rapid development of society, people consume too many calories and too much nutrition in their diets, said Liang Zipeng, a doctor with the Hospital Kiang Wu, according to Macau daily, combined with less physical activity, the number of people with diabetes is rising. More than 40,000 people attended the center from 2011 to 2013, with an annual increase and a trend of younger patients. Diabetes is most common in people over the age of 60, with younger patients only 14 years old. Liang Zipeng said that in recent years, Jinghu District hospital has stepped up publicity and education on Diabetes, which has helped Macao residents to better understand the disease. Many patients have sought early medical treatment and received appropriate treatment. He said members of the public who were frequently found to have dry mouth, frequent urination, fatigue, hunger, significant weight loss or wounds that were difficult to heal should be examined as soon as possible. A simple blood or urine test should be conducted to ascertain whether they had diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease. At present, there is no complete cure for diabetes in medicine. The disease will last a lifetime. Prevention is the only way to reduce the chance of developing the disease. Patients can effectively control the disease by taking medicine and improving their eating habits, avoid kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, blindness, amputation and other serious complications, serious or even death, so patients should actively face the disease. Wu Yanyi, a specialist nurse at the Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Center, said that many patients think that diabetes can be controlled by drugs alone. In fact, they need to control their blood sugar well, control their disease more effectively and reduce the occurrence of complications, to further learn self-management strategies, such as the establishment of a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits, appropriate daily exercise, emotional management, to understand their own blood sugar status. She pointed out that the centre has a diabetes specialist nurse clinic to provide patients and their families with knowledge of diabetes care and to enhance patients'self-management at home. At the same time, out-patient clinics regularly organise talks on different topics of diabetes mellitus to enhance patients'understanding of their own diseases. If patients have resistance to treatment, specialist nurses will also provide psychological counselling to help them overcome their avoidance mentality, active treatment. "diabetes is closely related to Diet. Diet has a direct impact on blood sugar and the condition of the disease. Of course, a patient's diet should not be spoilt, causing blood sugar to rise and fall, " said Zhou Huibi, deputy director of the division of Diet and nutrition, blood sugar, makes the Medicine Curative Effect More and more bad, the blood sugar also is difficult to control, accelerates the complication occurrence. As a Dietitian, the DIETITIAN will guide the patient to make appropriate food choices, correct the patient's wrong ideas, guide the correct choice of food and amount, can reduce blood sugar, while adequate nutrition. There are many folk recipes and wrong dietary concepts for diabetes. Many patients do not know how many carbohydrates and nutritious foods they need to absorb in a day. It is suggested that the daily requirement for carbohydrates and nutritious foods should be calculated through a Dietitian, eat Two to three hours apart between meals, pay attention to portion sizes and avoid high-sugar foods. Choose foods with high fibre content, such as fruits and cereals. Choose foods with "good" fats, such as nuts and Avocados. Choose different types of vegetables, such as mushrooms, beans and rhizomes, to maintain a balanced and varied food intake.

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