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Ginseng culture in classical classics

Issuing time:2020-04-09 09:09Author:高崇Source:仙草人参

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The GINSENG described in journey to the West, one of the Chinese Four Great Classical Novels, is so peculiar that when the Central Plain ginseng became extinct, it grew on trees and became "the root of the spirit of heaven and earth, also known as the longevity herb Huandan" . Ginseng old head town yuan fairy known as the "ancestors of the immortals" , generation of the high staggering. This ginseng fruit "smell live three hundred and sixty, eat a live forty-seven thousand years. " . This is the earliest and largest advertisement of Ginseng effect in China.

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A Dream of Red Mansions, one of the Four Great Classical Novels, is a panoramic picture of northeast Ginseng spanning time and space. The fate of northeast Ginseng is the same as that of the Cao family and that of Baodai, selling Ginseng in Jiangning, subject to royal suspicion, raided. Because of Ginseng, the CAO family "suddenly la La like a building, dark as a lamp will end" , so that love also said, love of human grass vicissitude said, Ginseng's last habitat in northeastern Baekdu Mountain, is the last drop of Ginseng tears.

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