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Huanren Manchu Autonomous County Ginseng walks into Zhongnanhai

Issuing time:2020-03-30 09:25Author:高崇Source:《仙草人参》

   In July 1957, an advanced society was established in Hengdaochuan district, Huanren County. In order to thank Mao Zedong for his kindness, the new leadership decided to send a Ginseng tree to Mao Zedong to wish him a long and healthy life, the task of selecting candidates fell to Zheng Lanfang and Lin Changlong. The two of them came to the mountain where the predecessors had crouched down to participate. They unexpectedly and magically dug up a 410-gram, 3-inch-long, old Ginseng tree. After processing the Ginseng into sugar, they also attached a policy inquiry letter, ask individuals to produce Ginseng can not participate in the purchase, by the high-end Club after their own processing products for sale. More than ten days later, the General Office of the Communist Party of China wrote back, "Chairman Mao has received the Ginseng and will not give it away, " the notice said. "On the issue of personal production, because your society is special, you can process it yourself and sell it to the state to promote the high-level social and economic development of the participating regions. "

未标题-1 拷贝.jpgLin Changlong (1914-1992) , 16-year-old to enter the so-called Liaodong Ginseng King Luo Chongyao family to learn Ginseng cultivation and processing technology, he is good at processing Red Ginseng, sun-dried Ginseng, sugar Ginseng, but also invented the "Ding Jie Zi Shen" technology, that is, half is sugar Ginseng, half Red Ginseng. He invented the Yellow Tobacco leaves wrapped Ginseng storage method, not only insect, but also mildew. His Monkey Sugar Ginseng, which he made for the Haute Society, was dedicated to Mao Zedong and became the most glorious thing in his life. He also brought along a large group of apprentices and became one of Huanren Manchu Autonomous County's most famous early men to work as a mechanic.

未标题-1 拷贝.jpgSong Baofu (1929-2014) , the chief advocate and witness of offering Ginseng to Chairman Mao in 1956. During an interview with Song Baofu, "I did such a bold thing in my life, " he said. "I asked Mao Zedong about it and wrote to Mao Zedong. I didn't expect Chairman Mao to let his office write back to me. I was so happy that I went to the county town and took this photo as a souvenir. "

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