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Tips for you to prevent allergies in spring

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  • Spring, the recovery of all things, warlike grass, this is also one of the allergic rhinitis patients uncomfortable season, sneezing days, snot, let a person miserable. This issue will provide tips for patients.

    The prevalence is as high as 18%.

    Allergic rhinitis is an allergic disease occurring in the nasal mucosa, with an incidence of up to 18% in China. It is a common disease in otolaryngology, mainly manifested as nasal itching, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing and other symptoms, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients.

    From the routine diagnosis and treatment, allergic rhinitis is divided into two categories: perennial and seasonal. Perennial allergic rhinitis does not have any law, at any time may aggravate, and then suddenly good; Seasonal allergic rhinitis also known as hay fever, good in the spring, autumn two seasons, the disease will often last one or two months, but a season, without medication, symptoms immediately disappeared. From the degree of division, allergic rhinitis is divided into mild and moderate to severe, in order to affect the quality of life and work as the standard, if school, work, daily life are affected, it belongs to moderate to severe.

    A large part of the causes of allergic rhinitis are environmental and lifestyle changes. Specifically, one is allergens, such as high pollen concentrations in spring and autumn; 2 it is internal cause, namely individual constitution, endocrine, hormone level produces change, can cause irritability rhinitis possibly.

    These allergens hide in your food and drug allergies. Allergens can't be protected against. Food and drug allergies are common, which can cause anaphylactic shock. This is mainly because the body has an instantaneous overreaction to the allergic food or drug, leading to laryngeal edema and asphyxia, which can induce life-threatening conditions such as blood pressure drop and arrhythmia.

    Pollen, mold, dust mites and pet allergies. Spring flowers, pollen concentration increases, autumn is mugwort and other grass plants active season, two seasons of pollen everywhere, allergy patients must wear a mask out. Additional, enter spring, air humidity increases, the place such as flowerpot, fish tank, bathroom is easy to breed mildew, become the "prime culprit that induces allergy", should clean the place such as the bathroom regularly so easy to have accumulation of water, discard mouldy food in time.

    The dust mite in living place also is the main factor that induces allergy, often exist in the place such as sheet, sofa, bedclothes, pillow towel. Many families like to keep pets such as cats and dogs, which also contain many allergens. Small animals shed hair, skin, metabolites, may also form allergens, will make allergic patients asthma and other uncomfortable symptoms. If unavoidable, the patient should try to stay away from, do not let small animals into the bedroom, and wear a mask, reduce the chance of allergy.

    Learn something about allergy prevention

    If sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, wheezing, breath-holding and asthma and other allergy symptoms have not improved, must go to the hospital to check, determine the allergen, and try to avoid contact later, must not because the symptoms are light to endure, may be more delay more severe.

    Want to prevent irritability rhinitis, should grab from the home first. The control of environmental humidity is conducive to the protection of respiratory mucosa. The living environment should not be too wet or too dry. It is advisable to control the humidity at 40% ~ 50%. Reduce the dust in the bedroom, change the bedding every week, better with the water above 60℃ hot wash again.

    Avoid daily contact with irritant substances, allergens, less to smoke and poor ventilation of the place, when taking public transport, as far as possible to choose the position by the window, so as to avoid perfume, gasoline, and other smells stimulate the respiratory tract, go out to go home to wash your face, clean the nasal cavity.

    Diet attention nutrition is balanced, give priority to with light, eat less greasy, spicy, raw and cold food, eat less or do not eat snacks, drinks and so on, these foods may have added essence, pigment, eat too much to the body immune stimulation is greater. When the weather is good, appropriately increase the amount of exercise and outdoor activities, improve immunity, and maintain a good attitude, patients can usually through meditation, deep breathing and other relaxation, negative emotions do not suppress, to talk to relatives, friends.

    When nose is not ventilated, can alleviate symptom by pressing knead acupoint, for example from the nose wing both sides of ying xiang acupoint, up to nose root, the zan zhu acupoint of brow this position, up and down rub, morning and evening each do, can improve nasal cavity function effectively, still can prevent a cold.

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