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High Myopia patients should be careful of macular degeneration

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In recent years, the incidence of Myopia in China continues to climb. According to the "National Health Vision Report" released in 2015, in 2012, the total number of people with Myopia over the age of 5 was about 450 million, and the total number of people with High Myopia (degree more than 600 degrees, children with Myopia more than 400 degrees) was 30 million. XXX, deputy director and chief physician of the eye center of XXX hospital, said in an interview that patients with high myopia are prone to macular thinning, atrophy, tears, detachment and other pathological changes, resulting in decreased vision, blurred vision and distorted vision, in severe cases, it can lead to blindness. It is understood that with the acceleration of the aging process, and the widespread use of various types of electronic products, fundus macular disease has become a serious threat to the vision of residents of the health of the "blind killer. ". XXX, in addition to high myopia patients, people over 55 years of age and diabetes patients are also high-risk groups for macular degeneration. XXX recommends that middle-aged and elderly people, including professionals, should adhere to the annual physical examination, eye health monitoring, early detection and early treatment. In the daily life also may pass the simple method, will discover the yellow spot as soon as possible. "At home you can cover one eye with your hand and see with the other eye only, and then alternate, so that once a week, once a month, may find the usual binocular vision is not easy to find the macular disease. " XXX said, should pay attention to see some straight line, grid-like things, such as doors and windows, floor tiles, etc. . If one eye to see when the object deformation, often is the performance of macular disease, to go to the hospital for treatment.

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