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What the 2017 China Internet insomnia map reveals

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Shanghai accounts for 87.76 percent of the total number of people who have experienced insomnia, according to a ranking of insomnia cities in the world sleep day 2017, which was released in Beijing on the 16th, guangzhou (79.37%) , changsha (79.16%) and Beijing ranked fourth (77.27%) . Experts Call, sporadic insomnia harm physical and mental health, should be taken promptly drug treatment. It is understood that the one-month study collected 8,567 valid questionnaires from 32 provinces, 362 cities and autonomous regions in the country to investigate the public's experience of insomnia, their awareness of its harm and their attitude towards treatment. In the survey, more than 80 percent of Internet users suffered from insomnia, and the main manifestations of insomnia were as follows: 66.77 percent of the people fell asleep for more than 30 minutes, and 55.69 percent of the people fell asleep, 52.74% had more than two awakenings and 41.71% had less than six hours of sleep. Clearly, difficulty falling asleep has become a major symptom of insomnia in the population. However, more than 57 percent of those surveyed could not fully understand the harm of insomnia, and only 4.5 percent believed that insomnia should be treated immediately. "people spend one-third of their time in sleep, sleep is an important foundation for a high quality of life, " said professor XXX, director of the Department of Neurology at the capital XXX hospital, "The incidence of insomnia is high and the harm is serious, but the results of this survey show that the public has a low awareness of the harm of insomnia and does not know that if insomnia occurs, it should be treated promptly. " Not only that, the survey also found that 72 percent of people did not know that insomnia was associated with a high incidence of certain cancers, 71 percent did not know that insomnia was associated with diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, and 41 percent did not know that insomnia could lead to depression and other mental problems. XXX states that if acute and occasional insomnia is not treated in time, it may develop into subacute or chronic insomnia and then physical diseases, research shows that insomnia and obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and other diseases have a direct relationship, and may even lead to increased incidence of breast cancer and prostate cancer. In addition, insomnia may also cause anxiety disorders, depression and other mental disorders. Therefore, when you have insomnia, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. The survey found that more than half of those who had experienced insomnia said they were determined not to take medication. In response, professor Xxx said: "Many insomniacs do not want to go to the hospital for standardized treatment, one of the main reasons is that they are worried about the side effects of sleeping pills. ". In fact, the drugs currently recommended for treating episodic insomnia are significantly better for both dependence and addiction than traditional sleeping pills."

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